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When I went to see my doctors on Friday, I was very happy when they told me that despite everythng that has happened I can still go on my trip to NY. While I was there I was supposed to be attending the Rockette Summer Intensive for my third year. I had a full scholarship and everything, but obviously I’m not ready to be thrown into a kickline. So I’ll just be going to New York to see shows, sight see, and shop!

The good news doesn’t stop there. This morning my mom got a hold of one of the ladies in charge of the summer intensive to tell them of what had happened and to explain why I could not attend the intensive this year. She was very sweet and understanding but said “I’m sorry we cannot do refunds.” My mom explained that I was a scholarship student so that wouldn’t matter. My mom continued to tell her that we were still vacationing up to the city and would come watch the  end of the week show at Radio City.

About  an hour later we get another phone call from the same girl. She said that she had talked to the director of the program and they arranged something for me. They said I can go on the tour of Radio City with the other girls at the start of the Intensive. I can also go and watch any of the classes (they’re gonna have to tie me to a chair so I won’t dance). They are also providing me and my mother tickets for the end of the week show. But the BEST part is….


They’re extending my full scholarship for next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m beyond happy. I can’t even begin to thank them. It was so nice of them to do all that and I appreciate it so much.

Here’s a pic I took with the Director of the Program, Eileen Grace, and three of my Rockette teachers from last summer.

Rockettes 08

Rockette Hopeful, CC


7 comments on “GREAT NEWS

  1. Cara says:


  2. KB says:


  3. Rose says:


  4. Abby Tyler says:

    Too cool for words girl!

  5. Jennifer Thorp says:

    That sounds awesome Caitlin congratulations have fun in New York love ya.

  6. Stacy says:

    That really is great news! I hope you have a good time in NYC. Think you can squeeze in 9 shows like we did in 07? We’ll be in Bean town next weekend. Sorry we don’ t have the time to make it down the coast. We’ll be busy touring Harvard, the Freedom Trail, Whale watching and Blue Man Group. A busy 2.5 days! I hope you get to see Next to Normal. Let me know how it is. Also, try and get to 39 Steps. It’s really amazing. All my best, Love, Stacy

  7. Leah says:

    Yay!!! Im so happy for you Caitlin I hope you have a wonderful time!! 😀

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