Choreography Project ’09

Well, I finally got my ‘ography project from this last May online. I’ve been trying to get it up for a long time (its a long story) and I’m sooooo glad that I can share it with the dancers who’ve been so anxious to see it and everyone else who wants to.

Dancers are Anna Rigby, Abby Duhon, Caitlin Cannon, Shelby Chambliss, Cara Shanks, and Devin Jaet.

 Piece is entitled “On My Own and Lovin It!”

Visit this website (below) to view the vid. I haven’t figured out how to make it so that you can view it on this blog so you’re going to have to click on the link. Sorry :/ Enjoy 🙂 !

~much love,


My silly friends

Cara, Shel, and Dev came over last week to visit me and it was definatly a lot of fun to have them around. I miss all my dance freinds sooooo much! Well since I missed Informal Demonstration this year, they decided to bring Informal to me!!

Enjoy my silly friends and ignore the few moments when Natalie turns the camera to me. Thanks Nat for showing my better side!

Camera Update

Here’s the update from earlier:

Ms. J. Pamela, a good family friend and my go-to photographer, came over to the house the other to pay me a visit. She’s the most wonderful woman and simply darling to chat with. I love her company (and her photos)! Anywho, I wanted her to see all my photos for advice and feedback. I learned so much from her and I’m going to apply everything she told me when I get back behind the lens. I mentioned that I was going to buy my mom another camera, since her’s was ruined in the accident, so I could take photos in NY. Ms. Pam graciously offered me one of her cameras to borrow for the trip! I’m so happy 🙂 She’s so, SO nice and I’m going to be EXTREMLY careful with her camera. This solves two problems 1)I don’t have to blow off a lot of money before New York on a new camera so 2) I have money to buy a holga while I’m there!

With my new holga I can’t wait to pics like this and this. And I’d love to do this. Maybe even this. And possibly this (randow google pic below).


with love


They’re, There, and Their

I know the difference I promise.

They’re= They are

Their= possesive

There= place

Just noticed how often I mistyped they’re/there/their in my last post. It’s something I know the difference but for some reason when I’m typing I mess it up. Honest to pieces.

Please forgive if you see another grammar mistake. It’s not my strong point :/