Choreography Project ’09

Well, I finally got my ‘ography project from this last May online. I’ve been trying to get it up for a long time (its a long story) and I’m sooooo glad that I can share it with the dancers who’ve been so anxious to see it and everyone else who wants to.

Dancers are Anna Rigby, Abby Duhon, Caitlin Cannon, Shelby Chambliss, Cara Shanks, and Devin Jaet.

 Piece is entitled “On My Own and Lovin It!”

Visit this website (below) to view the vid. I haven’t figured out how to make it so that you can view it on this blog so you’re going to have to click on the link. Sorry :/ Enjoy 🙂 !

~much love,


My silly friends

Cara, Shel, and Dev came over last week to visit me and it was definatly a lot of fun to have them around. I miss all my dance freinds sooooo much! Well since I missed Informal Demonstration this year, they decided to bring Informal to me!!

Enjoy my silly friends and ignore the few moments when Natalie turns the camera to me. Thanks Nat for showing my better side!

Camera Update

Here’s the update from earlier:

Ms. J. Pamela, a good family friend and my go-to photographer, came over to the house the other to pay me a visit. She’s the most wonderful woman and simply darling to chat with. I love her company (and her photos)! Anywho, I wanted her to see all my photos for advice and feedback. I learned so much from her and I’m going to apply everything she told me when I get back behind the lens. I mentioned that I was going to buy my mom another camera, since her’s was ruined in the accident, so I could take photos in NY. Ms. Pam graciously offered me one of her cameras to borrow for the trip! I’m so happy 🙂 She’s so, SO nice and I’m going to be EXTREMLY careful with her camera. This solves two problems 1)I don’t have to blow off a lot of money before New York on a new camera so 2) I have money to buy a holga while I’m there!

With my new holga I can’t wait to pics like this and this. And I’d love to do this. Maybe even this. And possibly this (randow google pic below).


with love


They’re, There, and Their

I know the difference I promise.

They’re= They are

Their= possesive

There= place

Just noticed how often I mistyped they’re/there/their in my last post. It’s something I know the difference but for some reason when I’m typing I mess it up. Honest to pieces.

Please forgive if you see another grammar mistake. It’s not my strong point :/


Summer TV isn’t the best

But thank goodness for SYTYCD? People think that since I’m stuck on a couch all day I must be watching a lot of TV. Wrong! There’s rarely anything good on during the summer (particullarly since we don’t have cable) but come Wednesday, I’m as happy as a clam when So You Think You Can Dance? is on.

Season 5 has just started and I thought I might do a little deconstruction of the couples! (Couples are in no particuular order)

ade and melissa

 They are quickly becoming my favorite couple. They are just very well matched, she the soft ballerina, and he the strong manly man. They move wel together and I’ve enjoyed both of their numbers these past two weeks, particularly that Sonja jazz. Coolness!! Yeah i like them.

brandon and janette

Ok. There a good couple right. But whats the big deal with him? Everyone loves him. I know he’s VERY strong, but that doesn’t make an interesting dancer. I just find him a little cocky when he dances and its very annoying. She’s cute. I like her personality. They’re Disco Week 2 was faaast.

evan and randi

For being so short, they don’t dance it. I think they’re matched extremely well. Evan has been a favorite of mine since he auditioned last year ’cause how many dancers have you seen audition for the program and say there specialty is musical theatre? I LOVE THAT! He’s so old school and classy and it shows no matter what he performs. Its funny, I think he’s really bummed that his partner is married! She’s cute. I think I like her hair a lot. There Contemporary Week 1 was beautiful. The judges were too hard on Evan though on Week 2’s Jive. (Correction to pic: Week 1 was Tyce choreography. My bad!)

Jason and Caitlin

I’m slightly biased towards this couple since 1) She spells her name the pretty way and 2) I have a best friend named Jason. She’s very strong technically and has such a beautiful smile. He is very likeable, eye candy, and an amazing soloist. Together they work perfectly. Bollywood Week 1 was kick butt. For not really liking the style, I LOVED the dance because of them. Hip Hop Week 2 wasn’t so hott. I think that Shane has just lost his vibe in choreography, it was your typical girl and guy like eachother hip hop dance. And c’mon, they have GREAT chemistry. Sad to say them in bottom three but I liked they’re solos and looking forward to seeing them next week!

Jonathan and Karla

I find them both forgettable. She’s cute, but held down by him! Like Mary, said he did Contemporary better than his own style. Well he doesn’t even do THAT good. Don’t get me wrong he’s cute and very good. I just find him being one of the weaker links in the group. Also to note: they had a new choreographer choreograph their Contemporary dance Week 2 and I thought it was the strongest piece on a choreographic stand point.

kupono and ashley

They’re a very quirky couple. There Wade piece Week 1 so… Wade. I liked it! And then Week 2, once again, Shane’s choreography did not deliver for me.  I liked the concept of it. It just took forever to get to the climax of the number then ended to soon. Weak number. No wonder they were stuck in the bottom three. (Where was Tabitha and Napoleon?)

max and kayla

To me they’re a very strong couple, primarily beacuse of her. The judges were going crazy over this girl in Vegas but I didn’t understand why untill Week 1. She’s a force to be reckoned with! She has some of the prettiest lines I’ve seen on the series, very well trained, and can perform any style like its her own. She’s crazy!! I like her and think she amazing, but I just wouldn’t pick up a phone for her. I don’t know why… I’d hate to be him to keep up with her. Both weeks choreography was strong but Week 2 was a mess in the costume department.

Phillip and Jeanine

I like Phillip but I don’t understand why everyone’s crazy about him. He’s VERY good at his own style, that being about it, but I just don’t really like his vibe. He’ s probably a really nice guy and I’m just crazy. She looks really good with him. I felt bad for her though, Week 2 with that Tango. Thank goodness people have Week 1’s amazing Hip Hop dance to remember.

vitolio and asuka

This couple certainly gets the award for having the hairdest names to pronounce. I like both of them individually, but together, not so much. He makes her look bland. She makes him look old. Just not a good pair. Week 1 Tyce’s theatre piece was a mess! If any of you know me and my opinions of this show you know that I’m not particullarly fond of Tyce’s numbers. I think they need to get an actual BROADWAY choreographer to choreograph something. Wouldn’t that make sence? And it might actually be good. Hmm… what a concept! Week 1 they were victims of a bad piece. Week 2 they were victims a sob story. I’m not trying to say this to sound mean. I say it because everyone was so distracted by the emotion of the piece and Vitolio’s childhood that they didn’t really critique the piece. I think that it’s great to get caught up in the emotion of the piece, but somthin didn’t work for me. Oh and can they PLEASE pronounce her name right. Its driving me bonkers!!!

So there you go, my first two weeks of deconstructions. I’m hoping I can keep this up for the rest of the season. It’ll be hard seeing I’m going to be in NY for the next two weeks. WOHOOOO! I didn’t even talk about the couple that when home Week 1 ’cause I don’t even remember them. I didn’t want to dissapoint anyone who didn’t watch last night so I decided to not write who got off. Week 2 left me feeling underwhelmed.  They didn’t have any of their really strong choreographers this week so the show suffered.  Here’s to hoping Week 3 and 4 are better and that I have this on my TV in my hotel!



15 years ago…

MAXOnly 15  (I know). My best friend, Max Isaacson, turned 15 years old yesterday, and I say its about time. Max is not only an incredible dancer but if you saw him dance today you would no idea he was just recovering from a broken back. His emotional strength is so inspriring and he has been such a good friend to me in this hard time of life. He’s going to Kirov again this summer and I know he’s just gonna make everyone pick they’re jaws up off of the floor after they see him whip out those 5 pirouettes after an alaseconde (sp?) turn combination and go “Who the heck are you and where did you come from?!”

Love u Maxi Poo and Happy Late Birthday Blog Post! ZWAAAAA!!!!!

Search for a new camera

My camera  (it was actually my mom’s but i used it a lot! that I used in all the photo shoots and the final one, was totalled in the accident. Fortunatly the police were able to retrieve the memory card and we were blessed with those final photos of makenzie (assisted by the i-can’t-believe-how-he-can-defy-gravity aaron).

I’m stuck in a predicament. I’m going to have to get a new camera before I leave for NY on Tuesday, cause I was planning on having some photoshoots with my friends while I’m there. The problem is 1)I’m not sure if I want to buy one like my other one (the Canon rebel eos xti) or upgrade to a new one, 2)I kinda wanna buy a holga, which is this cute toy-looking plastic camera that takes really interesting film photos like this, and 3)I’m trying to save my money for ny.

what to do… oh what to do…