Over the Rainbow #10- Her Swan Song

To conclude my OTR series, I knew I just had to finish it off with Ms. Judy Garland herself. Judy, to many people, owns this song. Her voice fits the music like a hand fits a glove. Instead of using the movie version I decided to use one that was done at her very last concert in 1969, 2 months before her death. Judy was a blessing to this entertainment industry and thank gooodness they casted her as Dorothy and not Shirley Temple!

Singing her signature tune for the last time, Ms. Judy Garland! 

RIP Judy. I’m glad you’re over the rainbow now. I hope its lovely there.


P.S. Tomorrow the poll will be up for you to vote on your favorite of my top ten favorites. I’ll keep it open for 3 days so make sure you get your opinion in!


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