Over the Rainbow #8- She should’ve won

5th season of American Idol. It comes down to Kat Mcphee and Taylor Hicks. It looked obvoius that my favrite, Kat, would win. Taylor won. America got it wrong. It wouldn’t be the last time either…

So one of the highlights of that season was Katherine’s take on Eva Cassidy’s version of OTR.  It was beautiful but I hesitated putting it on my blog because it was very much the same as Eva’s.  But then I found this version (below). It looks like it was for some Christmas Child Adoption Event. It is WAY better than her performance on AI. Filled with lots of riffs and emotion, it shows what a true artist she has become.

Here she is, Miss Katherine McPhee!

Who’s your favorite American Idol runner up?



2 comments on “Over the Rainbow #8- She should’ve won

  1. Terin says:

    it’s alright. but she’s got some serious pitch issues. she’s flat like 40% of the time and she slides into all of her notes. it would be great to have a little accuracy.

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