Recent Photo Shoots

Makenzie 1

So lately I’ve been doing a lot of mini photo shoots (if you’re on facebook you’ve seen the many albums). A few different projects have occurred because of these shoots and I’m very excited about everything that is happening because of it. I don’t have anything I can tell as of yet but I promise to keep y’all informed when I can.
Till then enjoy some of my fave pics from recent shoots of my lovely friends.






Which of these photos are your favorites and why? I’d love to hear what you think!

Love, CC


3 comments on “Recent Photo Shoots

  1. jasonabroussard says:

    i LOVE the balloon one. where’s my photo shoot?

  2. […] My camera  (it was actually my mom’s but i used it a lot!) that I used in all the photo shoots and the final one, was totalled in the accident. Fortunatly the police were able to retrieve the […]

  3. Love ’em all! But my favortite is either Aaron, Abbey……..oh, I can’t figure it out!

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