Over the Rainbow #2- Britain HAS got talent

Lately the show Britain’s got Talent has proved that they can make a superstar out of anyone. If you haven’t heard of the inspirational story of Susan Boyle you must be living under a rock. Well before Mrs. Boyle popped onto the scene, a little 6 year old on the show caused quite a stir. Connie Talbot came into the public’s view in 2007 singing her rendition of Over the Rainbow. I’ve never heard such perfect pitch and sweet vibrato from someone so young. Connie now has a CD out that i’ve yet to purchase but it looks great!

Be ready to be amazed!



3 comments on “Over the Rainbow #2- Britain HAS got talent

  1. Ashlyn says:

    Avery was singing along with her!

  2. Ashlyn says:

    Avery and I were watching some of these videos again today. I started singing along with this one and Avery put her hand to my mouth saying, “No. Stop. No Singing.” She then took the laptop from me, put it on her lap and finised watching the video. I think Avery has already choosen her fav.

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