First Graduation of the Week


Ryan's Graduation

F. Ryan Zundel, my fantastic Brother In-Law, graduated from Galveston College last night with a RN in Nursing. Ryan looked great in his blue cap and gown as he went to recieve his diploma. Sadly I didn’t get a pic of it because the person infront of me decided to stick their baby in the air right as Ryan walked onto the stage. The graduation was only an hour and a half which was nice and it was great seeing all the Zundel family again!

Here’s some horribly taken, bad quality photos provided by yours truly.

 Mom and NatMom and Nat

Ryan (far left with yellow sash walking off stage) after receiving his diploma!Ryan after getting diploma

The Proud Wife”y”Nat

Nat and Ryan with Ryan’s ParentsHappy Parents 

Congrats Ryan!!! We’re so proud of you. You’re gonna be the coolest nurse ever!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. I’m getting a new camera soon since I currently cannot see the screen on my camera because of it being shut in a car door. I know!! Grr… well I’m not sure what kind of camera I should get. Any suggestions?



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