i hate copyright infringment

so yea. youtube is being really frustrating right now. all day ive been trying to upload my video from my Choreography Exhibition dance performed this morning. but they keep taking it down ’cause of the music’s copy right issues. not fair. im working on at least getting it up on the blog as well as cara’s “ave marie” piece. keep checking back to see new stuff.

till then enjoy this vid of Dana/Makenzie/Kelly’s (tee hee) choreography Project entitled, “The Fun Fun Fun Dance”. (somehow they didn’t get attacked by the crazy Youtube copyright people… Lucky). it is the silliest, sweetest, funnest, craziest, most brilliant easy dance ever and I love it!!!!! I love you guys šŸ™‚

love, CC

p.s. i just got back from the SOCO banquet/lock in. I took some photos but I CANNOT wait to share Madi Gladu’s. they areĀ flippin awesome. just like this.


One comment on “i hate copyright infringment

  1. This made me so happy. You don’t even know how much I needed this today. I love you Caitling. Thank you for posting this.

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