here’s to happiness

1) sleeping in my warm bed on a rainy morning

2) wearing new leotards

3) giggle attacks

4) being with my friends

5) tokyo bowl

6) putting my ipod on shuffle

7) making lists

8 ) talking to my nieces on skype

9) cheese

10) getting a new cast album

what make you terribly happy?

list your top ten by leaving a comment.

hope you had a very happy day!


11 comments on “here’s to happiness

  1. jasonabroussard says:

    1. Listening to my favorite cd on my ipod
    2. a good long nap
    3. first read through of a musical with my cast
    4. making people smile by giving them something they want free
    5. performing
    6. when people say certain words with a certain inflection
    7. when things go as unplanned, but for the better
    8. new facebook/myspace messages
    9. missed calls or texts when i wake up
    10. being with my mom


  2. chelsea sanders says:

    1. not having to leave ur toasty bad in the morning
    2. Having butterflies when talking to the guy you like
    3. Making people smile :)))
    4. Getting random girlts from your friends
    5. Going on crazy adventures with your pals
    6. perfroming
    7. Recieving loads of txt messages
    8. eating cake and unhealthy foods
    9. watching funny movies and shows that make you crack
    10. getting awesome grades on tests etc.

  3. SarahVernon says:

    1. sleep
    2. having intense intellectual conversations about the band Tool.
    3. Harry Potter
    4. snowcones
    5. snowboarding
    6. going on pointless drives
    7. being soft like a babies butt.
    8. really bright colorful things.
    9. hot boys… ohh yes.
    10. knee high socks.
    11. nostalgia.

    things that make me unhappy at the moment…
    1. when people borrow my shit when they are obviously unworthy.
    2. when people dont leave you alone, when clearly im being annoyed by them.
    3. when people mooch.
    4. when people do everything i do, just to copy me.
    yes these are all reguarding my roomate,

  4. Marcy Barnes says:

    Raindrops on Roses
    Whiskers on kittens
    bright copper kettles
    warm woolen mittens
    brown paper packages tied up with string
    cream colored ponies
    crisp apple strudel
    schnitzel with noodles
    silver white winters that melt into spring. These are eleven of my favorite things!

  5. Cara Shanks says:

    1. Falling in love in a coffee shop
    2. Burning pretty smelling candles
    3. Having a clean room
    4. Sleeping in warm and clean sheets
    5. Cuddling
    6. Being around positive people
    7. Dancing in my room (when no one’s watching)
    8. Taking MODERN class 🙂
    9. Listening to pretty music
    10. Wearing pretty dresses

  6. Ash says:

    Marcy is awesome!

  7. Nathan Detroit says:

    This is so cute haha
    my fave line as nathan was, “I hear they sell a lot of cheesecake!”

  8. Shelby Chambliss says:

    1) Chich Flicks
    2) Hot Guys
    3) New clothes
    4) Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
    5) Endless parties with endless friends
    6) everything in new york with scholarship peeps
    8) lots and lots of stickers
    9) Cara Shanks
    10) someone scratching me

  9. Kate Chappell says:

    1) Going to Rocky Horror Picture Show
    2) New episodes of SNL
    3) Downtown
    4) Making people laugh/people laughing at me
    5) watch Flapjack and Spongebob
    6) parades
    7) high fives/ air fives
    8) doing the opening dance of chorus line
    9) homemade birthday gifts
    10) finishing this list!!!

  10. Makenzie Stocker says:

    1) My Sharpies Ring
    2) Cookie Dough Ice Cream
    3) Smooth Legs
    4) Pin wheels
    5) Bubbles
    6) Smell of Fresh Clothes
    7) Minnesota
    8 ) Being Snow White
    9) Blasting out songs and Belting along
    10) my last name

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