Princesses on Parade (on a runway)

This is a dazzling production drenched with charm, grace, elegance and gosh darn cute costums.  Cheoreographed by My best friend and soon to be famous superstar in disguise caitlin cannon. I am the bobcut black headed cutie pie in the yellow that makes a grand entrance and there is  no need to tell me twice how cute I am. No need. Enough =) So I wish I could be  princess like this every weekend golly jee moses that would be great but I guess I’ll just have to settle with my chariots, my ponies and afternoon  tea parties  with cc. That’ll do.  Enjoy!

~Makenzie Stocker/Snow flippin white


2 comments on “Princesses on Parade (on a runway)

  1. chelsea sanders says:

    lol i luv it!!!!! nice job caitlin!!!! btw my ma said this was her favorite event to go to and she loved the dance 🙂

  2. ccandcompany says:

    Thanks Chelsea. Glad she liked it! We’re were so stinkin cute 🙂

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