Busy Week

Yesterday was a horrible day, because unfortunatly I got a cold. I’m feeling a little better today and I’m looking forward to this week’s activities:

Tomorrow I’m attending the Tommy Tune Awards to cheer on my friend Jason and my lovely kids from Pasadena (Kristin, Alex, and Emily). Don’t worry, there is DEFINITELY going to be a vlog on that! Throughout the week I have class, rehearsals, and teaching. Friday night is YW sleepover/Mormon movie night at Sister Harolds (!) and on Saturday I’m Princess Gisselle from Enchanted for BAHBT’s Fairy Tale Fashion Show & Tea Party where we’re performing two numbers of mine. Also Saturday night I’m seeing BATAVA’s Little Shop with a few of my besties.

So there’s going to be a lot to blog about this week. Stay Tuned!




2 comments on “Busy Week

  1. jasonabroussard says:

    Firstly, who are these besties you speak of?
    Secondly, I LOVE that you are getting the hang of this linking thing. And i adore the fact that you liked to so many things. Like when i was in theatre, macy, the girl playing Audrey, got onto the site from her phone cus i told her to. I hadn’t seen this post and she was so like happy and surprised you linked and mentioned Little shop!

    can;t wait till saturday! 🙂

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