What is a Video Deconstruction?

Video Deconstruction: Invented by Seth Rudetsky, Broadway’s biggest fan, digs into vocal/acting moments from fierce performances.

Here’s my deconstruction of the Leading Actor and Actress Medleys from the Tommy Tune Awards. Thanks again to [Jason] for the fabulous video editing. You make me look so cute, Jeffy!

Hope this isn’t too boring. Totes ūüôā


here’s to happiness

1) sleeping in my warm bed on a rainy morning

2) wearing new leotards

3) giggle attacks

4) being with my friends

5) tokyo bowl

6) putting my ipod on shuffle

7) making lists

8 ) talking to my nieces on skype

9) cheese

10) getting a new cast album

what make you terribly happy?

list your top ten by leaving a comment.

hope you had a very happy day!

Princesses on Parade (on a runway)

This is a dazzling production drenched with charm, grace, elegance and gosh darn cute costums.¬† Cheoreographed by My best friend and soon to be famous superstar in disguise caitlin cannon. I am the bobcut black headed cutie pie in the yellow that makes a grand entrance and¬†there is ¬†no need to tell me twice how cute I am. No need.¬†Enough¬†=) So I wish I could be¬† princess like this every weekend¬†golly jee moses that would be great but I guess I’ll just have to settle with my chariots, my¬†ponies and afternoon ¬†tea¬†parties ¬†with cc. That’ll do.¬† Enjoy!

~Makenzie Stocker/Snow flippin white

This picture, to me, is what life is all about.

First off, I’d like to say that Caitlin doesn’t know I’m making this post. But I think she can let it slide just this once.

The Tommy Tunes where last night and as some of you know, It was my first time to ever be apart of the awards as I performed in the Best Leading Actors Medley. It was an experience I will never forget. Performing in front of a group of truly amazing talent and all my peers is something that I still can’t believe even happened. Everyone was such an amazing talent and where all unique in there own ways. I would like to thank the Tommy Tune judges for picking an amazing selection of people to perform in this medley as well as my cast, crew, directors, and parents who gave me the help I needed to reach this pinnacle of my life thus far. Thanks. We melted their faces off guys.

Video of the medley will (hopefully) be uploaded and posted if i can properly capture the footage needed. (Bailey Hanks was the presenter btw) =)

I wish I could choreograph something like this…

… but I guess I just have to save this kinda dancing for Miss Cara Shanks. So today I didn’t get very much accomplished because this darn cold just won’t go away. However, with my spare time, I’ve obsessed over this vid of Bret Easterling’s choreography, “Die Alone”. The concept of the piece is mind boggling and I can’t stop watching it. Lead dancer, Carolyn Rossett, is breathtaking. And major props to singer, Ingrid Michaelson, one of my faves.


A Quick Wow

Really fast I’d just like to say how amazed and proud I am of Jason and Kristin who both performed in the leading actor and actress medleys at the Tommy Tunes last night. You guys looked and sounded great and I was like a proud mama in the audience ūüôā

Vid to come soon.

Busy Week

Yesterday was a horrible day, because unfortunatly I got a cold. I’m feeling a little better today and I’m looking forward to this week’s activities:

Tomorrow I’m attending the Tommy Tune Awards to cheer on my friend Jason and my lovely kids from Pasadena (Kristin, Alex, and Emily). Don’t worry, there is DEFINITELY going to be a vlog on that! Throughout the week I have class, rehearsals, and teaching. Friday night is YW sleepover/Mormon movie night at Sister Harolds (!) and on¬†Saturday I’m Princess Gisselle from Enchanted for BAHBT’s Fairy Tale Fashion Show & Tea Party where we’re performing two numbers of mine. Also Saturday night I’m seeing BATAVA’s Little Shop with a few of my besties.

So there’s going to be a lot to blog about this week. Stay Tuned!